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Portable Fire Extinguisher

Our range of Portable Fire Extinguisher has been designed to meet safety needs of different industries. These equipments use dry chemical powder, CO2 gas and foam to douse flame. Customers can access these fire fighting solutions with trolley or without trolley based design as well as in different capacity based specifications. Simple to operate, cylinder of this equipment has round bottom that does not have direct contact with ground. Precisely designed handle of this Portable Fire Extinguisher is totally skid protected and is convenient to grip. External pressure gauge of this product operates under normal pressure. Apart from these components, offered fire dousing solutions also contain injection section and bottle valve. Quality of these products has been verified on the basis of pressure test and seal test.

Features :-

  • Provided fire dousing solutions use dry chemical powder, carbon di oxide gas or foam to extinguish flame.
  • Cylinder of these equipments can be availed in different storage capacity based options.
  • User friendly design.
  • Fast dousing performance.