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Torque Tools

Our range of Torque Tools is used for repairing and maintenance of buildings and automobiles. These are mainly required for secure fixing of bolts and nuts. The users can also determine applied pressure range of fastener by using these tools. These tools have standard unit conversion facility for the convenience of reading. These use multiple types measurement scales like lbf, Nm and m.  As part of their flexible design, these Torque Tools have push controlled square drive so that the users can operate these by right hand or left hand. Advanced slipping technology has been incorporated into the design of these tools to avoid over tightening related difficulties. These instruments are offered with clockwise calibration system. Design of these products conforms to ISO specifications.

Features :-
  • Although these tools are calibrated in clockwise direction, customers can obtain these with anticlockwise based calibration on demand.
  • Standard accessories like screw driver and adaptors are provided with these tools.
  • Precise torque setting arrangement.
  • Error free measurement.