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Industrial Belts
Offered array of Industrial Belts is used as indispensable part of equipments like conveyor and construction equipment. These highly durable belts ensure noise free smooth running of machines. Nylon and cotton made body of these belts is covered with rubber layer for their long working life.
Coupling & Pulley
Our range of Coupling Pulley has been developed from best grade mild steel, iron and aluminum. We offer it in through bored, lock bush based and taper design based options. Offered in different sizes, this pulley is totally abrasion and wear proof.
Polycab Cables & Wires
Polycab Cables & Wires are reckoned for their fire resistance features and high flexibility level. Offered in different size and color based options, these wires are simple to install. These are mainly used as welding cables and building wires for their better thermal performance.
Lifting Belt
Available in blue and violet colors, offered Lifting Belt conforms to international standards. Made of best grade polyester, these belts are widely used in aviation and other arena. We offer these belts in different lifting capacity and length based options.
Ball Bearings
Provided Ball Bearings can be accessed in different cage design, tolerance level, size and shaft diameter based options. These are mainly used as integral parts of sliding window or door, automobiles and sports equipments. These bearings are rust protected and have long working life.
Disc Grinding Wheel
Provided Grinding Wheel is used for effective grinding of aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and cast iron. This precisely designed grinding tool is appreciated for its long working life, excellent bending resistance properties and precise diameter. Moreover, it is shock protected.
Industrial Valves
Our array of Industrial Valves has been developed from best quality cast steel, brass and polypropylene. These precisely designed valves are reckoned for their excellent performance, corrosion protected body, high pressure bearing capacity and accurate diameter. These require low maintenance charge.
Hacksaw Blades
Hacksaw Blades are known for their excellent hardness and high flexibility level. These are breakage protected and their safety features conform to global standards. These are equipped with steel frame, aluminum alloy made handle and carbon steel blades. These are offered with powder coated surface.
MS Fasteners
Our array of Fastener has been designed as per BSF, UNF and ASTM specifications. These stainless steel products are the outcome of our application of cold forming technology. These are offered in different grades and sizes to suit specific application needs.
Welding Rods
Stainless steel or mild steel fabricated Welding Rods are equipped with stainless steel and rubber diaphragms. These are reckoned for their high inlet pressure enduring performance, smooth gas flow rate, utilization of best grade valve, cost effectiveness and sturdy construction.
Portable Fire Extinguisher
Our range of Portable Fire Extinguisher has been specially designed to suit fire dousing needs of different industries. This product uses CO2 gas, foam and dry chemical powder to extinguish fire. Steel cylinder of this product can be accessed in different storage capacity based options.
Hand Tools
Offered hand Tools are mainly used under hazardous working conditions. Developed from best grade bronze and aluminum, these tools are preferred for their simple gripping technique, ergonomic design, high strength and non sparking characteristics. These cost effective tools have low maintenance cost.
Fire Safety Equipment
Our array of Fire Safety Equipment & Safety Products has been designed to suit safety needs of personnel involved in different industries. All these products can be used under harsh working conditions. Quality of these products has been checked on the basis of their design, material choice and safety standards.
Fenner V Belts
Highly flexible Fenner V Belt is appreciated for its non slipping properties, high flexibility level and long lasting quality. This belt is instrumental in preventing generation of static electricity. It is usually used in transmission part of automobile engine and mining equipment.